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Tokenise was founded in 2012 and is creating a future with tokenised securities, disrupting existing methodologies in equity, tokenised assets, funds and securitisation. It will allow direct ownership of tokenised securities. For investors and founders, tokenisation facilitates liquidity, transparency and accountability.

The Tokenise approach will be fully compliant with the UK’s FCA regulatory framework. Using the Tokenise platform, start-ups and established companies will be able to raise finance from investors through digital certificates that represent ownership in a safe and transparent environment. As well as the crowdfunding primary market, Tokenise will also create a secondary market for curated tokens, where token holders can buy and sell security tokens directly, initially this will be on a bilateral basis only through a Bulletin board. They hope to acquire licences to build and run a tokenised exchange with the goal of having a multi jurisdictional single platform exchange.

The company is headed-up by Mike Kessler (Founder & CEO), Martin Graham (Chairman Of The Advisory Board), Simon Telfer (COO), Ben Tubey (CTO & Insights), Charles Chauhan (International Relations), Avron Goss (Comercial Director), Laura Wright (CFO), Lionel Goldberg (Markets & Regulatory Adviser), Amrit Lall (Director Of International Operations), Simon Keiro-Watson (Exchange Listings Manager), Panna Gohil (Senior Compliance And Monitoring Officer) and James Aufenast (Marketing Manager).

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